Live Casino Dealers

The live casinos have gone a long way in attracting millions of players worldwide because of its game variety and versatility. Living in a so-called modern era where time is limited, the live casinos offer an excellent platform to explore a wide variety of live games on the go, anywhere, anytime without any hassles.

The Live Casino Channel aims at providing you with a complete list of all the well-established live casinos which offer the players with superior live casino games broadcasted in HD quality. In addition to these, the live croupiers in a live casino are the major highlight as they manage and control the entire gaming process thus assisting every player in placing their bets accurately.

How Do Live Dealers Operate?

The dealers, in a live casino, behave just like the dealers in a brick and mortar casino. They greet players graciously, wear a smile, and offer a fun, lively atmosphere throughout the gameplay,

all whilst performing their said duties and responsibilities. The responsibilities of the live dealers depend on the game currently underway, for instance, the game Live Roulette, of course, is played differently to that of Live Baccarat or Live Poker, and the live dealers receive thorough training in each of the live games. The live dealers wait for the players to make their moves and decide how to proceed and engage with them through the live chat software. At some of the live casinos, the players are also encouraged to tip their dealer or to compliment their work and show appreciation.

Well, if your question is who is actually called, a live dealer, then let us remind you that a live dealer in a live casino is the same as the ones you see in a land-based casino. However, in a live casino, the live dealers should have strong numerical abilities showcasing excellent aptitude and reasoning ability. They should interact with the players in a friendly manner, dress smart, maintain a well-groomed appearance and keep a lighthearted attitude despite long shifts at the table. It is also important that the live dealers during the event of a player questioning are expected to stay calm and composed, even if the players start to become abusive or possibly aggressive, the live dealers must handle the situation diplomatically. In most cases, the website will not tolerate such behaviour from members and eject or ban them from the game immediately. It is quite rare that the technical malfunctions can make the players frustrated despite being out of the dealer’s control.

Given that the online live casino games are often available 24 hours a day, the live dealers will have to be prepared to work in shifts, which may vary from time to time. This could mean hosting games through the night, which obviously has personal implications in their lifestyle, though different brands will require the dealers’ to work in different patterns according to their preferred convenience.

Apart from these, the pay of the live dealers varies from one country to another. Those working in London or Spain, for example, may enjoy higher rates than dealers based at the studios in the Philippines. This will, of course, vary from one brand and studio to another. The live casino is here to stay. As we have seen and observed that it requires immense effort and creative thinking in streaming the live casino games through online casinos around the world, incorporating the latest technology for maximum effect.

The New Live Dealer Casinos

Each year, a great number of operators launch new and exciting sites, all vying for customers’ attention. A lot of these newcomers have excellent live casinos which provide the players with a spectacular live gaming platform. So, do explore them by reading the reviews and ratings on our site as we aim at providing you with the best assistance in choosing a live casino suiting all your gaming needs and requirements.


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